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Stimulus Package Update

The new stimulus (American Rescue Plan), explained.  That’s right, there’s money on the table! Hi all! As I’m sure you’ve heard, a new stimulus package has been approved! There’s a lot to unpack here, so I’m going to do my best to break this down
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March Newsletter

A note from the depths of tax season Did someone say ‘tax season’? Ah, sweet March! It’s here! The Thursday of months! Not quite summer, but definitely a signal for us northerners that we’ve survived the worst of winter.  No matter where you live, happy
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February Newsletter

The tax season updates you need! How we feel about waiting until February 12th to file taxes Hi all! WHEN did it become February!?  February means Valentine’s Day, the first day of tax filing (February 12th!), and all sorts of excitement! We have lots of
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2021 GOALS

We’re so happy to provide guidance and education to another small business – because when they grow, we grow too!