December Newsletter

“Some people are worth melting for.” – Olaf

Doing whatever accountants do innn Winterrrr!

Hello Bloom family!

HAPPY Q4, almost Christmas/holidays, and END OF 2020!

We’re channeling Olaf-like optimism around here as we have News. For. You!

(Spoiler alert: It’s about PPP forgiveness, exciting Team Bloom changes, and taking time off. So, check it out below!)

Before we jump into this month’s updates, I want you to know how incredibly grateful I am to work with all of you. This year has brought so many new ideas, partnerships, and more. It’s a joy to get to work alongside you!

Now, the good stuff:

What these socially distant holiday parties really look like


PPP Loan Forgiveness

The good news is, we have plenty of time!

I feel like a broken record here, but this is really a big game of ‘hurry up and wait’. What you need to know is, there is no across-the-board answer. Basically, every lender is requiring different documentation, and some lenders aren’t accepting applications for forgiveness yet. However, payments become due 12 months after you receive your money. This means that we all have some time to chill out and wait for them to communicate the right way to apply for forgiveness.

The good news is, each communication is making it seem easier and easier to process applications, so I’m confident that we will have more answers in March. As always, you can check for updates on the SBA website.

We found our unicorns!

That’s right, we hired… THREE TIMES!

Last week, we hired a few new faces! You might already work with Tiffany or Cheryl as bookkeepers, and we just added Cala to the bookkeeping team and Stephanie and Ashley as tax specialists. We’re excited to introduce them via social media & this newsletter next month, so keep an eye out for that!

Also, if you’re interested in moving into monthly bookkeeping but haven’t in the past, we are now able to take on new monthly bookkeeping clients! Which leads me to my final point…

Holiday Availability

It’s not you, it’s me.

In preparation for the big ‘oof’ that will be 2020 taxes, I’m taking time off to spend with my family. I will be available for meetings until December 14th. After that, I’m blocking my schedule until 2021. 

If you want to chat about monthly bookkeeping or other business-related things before I take off, you can schedule time via my website. If you don’t see something that works for you, shoot me an email with your availability and I’ll do my best to accommodate. 

Me, looking for small businesses to shop at for the holidays

One last thing…

You’ll hear from me the last week of the year, but I just want to reiterate how great you all are. I appreciate you trusting me with your hard questions and for all the encouragement I’ve gotten from you this year. 

Now, GO! Shop local, enjoy the rest of Fall, and stay sweet. 

Sending you all my best this holiday season,