Our New Packages

Hello Bloom family!

As you know, we’ve undergone a lot of changes in the last year. We’ve expanded our team to help businesses like you get more hands-on assistance, and we’ve made some exciting decisions behind the scenes as well.

One of those decisions is to change our pricing and billing to be more streamlined. Therefore, we are moving from an hourly rate to a value-based rate and are moving to automatic billing.

We have moved to four basic packages:

DISCLAIMER: Most of you will not see any changes in your service from us other than the name of your service.  


This is your ‘get started’ package. Most new clients (referrals) will use this to help them register their businesses and get answers to questions about future accounting.

One-time fee of $298.


This is our package for annual tax prep and a tax prep consultation. 

Annual fee starting at $398. 


As you grow, you’ll need monthly bookkeeping and quarterly tax estimates as well as occasional conversations with our team.

Starting at $348/month 


As an established business owner, you need a numbers expert in your corner. Blossom includes everything from the Sprout package as well as monthly consultations in which we help you make planning, budgeting, and scaling decisions based on your numbers.

Starting at $998/month

What if I need a one-off convo?

We have something for you, too! 

If you are a Sprout or Blossom client, you’ll have access to our team at least quarterly. Root clients (tax prep only) will have access to us once per year. Sprout clients (bookkeeping and quarterly tax estimates) will be able to schedule four consultations per year, and Blossom clients can choose to meet with us as often as once per month. 

If you don’t need monthly bookkeeping services but DO want to chat with us about one-off things, you can schedule an hour of 1:1 time with Stephanie to go over any and all things taxes, finance, and more. 

$148 per hour. 

One last thing

If you’re already in a monthly package…

And notice that your pricing is lower than the prices listed above – don’t worry. You’ll stay the same. 

We are so excited to continue to grow and to serve you better in 2021. 

Feel free to let us know if you have questions!