February Newsletter

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As winter winds down and tax season is in full swing, we hope you are having a great year so far…in fact, we know you are! The highlight of our Q1 has been chatting with you not only about the intricacies of your businesses, but the things that you get to do because of your work –  whether it’s spending more intentional time at the office, hanging out on set, traveling, or just chilling out at home with your pets. Thank you so much for bringing light into our lives!

Now, on to some news, and a couple of helpful reminders during tax season:

Exciting Updates: We’re Growing!

The truth is, we’re growing because YOU’RE GROWING, and we LOVE being a part of your journey. Here’s what we’ve done to better serve YOU:

  • We recently hired an assistant to help with the more administrative tasks, so we’re excited to supercharge our business operations.
  • We’re training Sylvia (remember Sylvia from last month’s newsletter?), one of our staff accountants, to do tax prep and she’s crushing it! Most people run away from tax prep, but she’s leaning in and finding ways to get you more bang for your bucks.
  • Do you know someone who should join our team? We’re searching for support staff and experienced bookkeepers who have the same philosophy as we do – that holistically serving our clients is the ONLY way to do business as a full-service accounting firm. Let us know here or forward this email to those positive vibes people you think would be a good fit and ask them to reach out.

Helpful Reminders:

  • If you’re an LLC or S-Corp: LLC and S-corp tax returns are due by 3/15. We will automatically be filing 6-month extensions for all returns that cannot be prepared in time. You don’t even have to worry about asking for this – we’ve got you covered!
  • If you’re not in Chicagoland (hopefully it’s somewhere warm!): please submit all your documents via the Google Drive shared folder we’ve set up for you. Let us know if you need a re-link and we’ll get on that right away.

One Last Thing:

  • #TeamFollowBack: We are growing our social profiles and also LOVE seeing what you’re up to! Click on these links to follow our InstagramTwitter, and Facebook, accounts and we will follow you back. We can’t wait to check out all of your pet, kid and foodie posts (and hopefully you don’t mind seeing our posts about Taco the Tax Cat and late-night work nonsense).

Coffee vibes and tax jibes,

Stephanie & Team Bloom