August Newsletter

Who’s ready for a vacation?

Social distancing has me wanting a family vacation!

Hi all!

How’s your socially distanced summer going?

After a wild ride of tax extensions, distance learning, #maskingup, and all the other things COVID, the fam and I are headed out on a great American road trip.

The kids are excited to do some very distanced learning about the national parks and monuments, and we’re just excited to get away for a few days. Although we’re hoping to avoid a few of the National Lampoon gaffes, we’re excited to go make some memories as a family.

That being said, I will be out of the office for a little while. If you need me on August 12-24, shoot me an email. I’ll monitor my inboxes every couple of days, and my assistant will be able to help you with anything urgent.

Alright, enough about me – here’s what you need to know!

Did someone say updates?


IRS refunds are delayed

Oh 2020, you’ve done it again.

A source at the IRS has confirmed that not only is the IRS understaffed, but they are also understandably backlogged right now. What this means for us is that your refund is going to take a while. If your return was filed in July or has yet to be filed, expect to see your refund in the next couple of months

There is additional stimulus money!

Don’t leave money on the table.

There is still money left in the PPP fund. While most traditional banks are no longer helping people apply for stimulus money, Kabbage and BlueVine are still rockin’ and rollin’. Be sure to apply by August 8th.

We’re still scheduling mid-year tax reviews!

You can schedule yours with this link.

Curious about your estimated quarterly payment? Have questions about your stimulus funds? Just want to check in with your favorite accountant? Schedule an appointment with me for later this month and we can chat about whatever you need!

We want to highlight you!

We want to share what our clients and friends are doing on social media!

In ‘WTF Wednesdays‘ (who to follow), we want to highlight the amazing things that YOU are doing! Interested in getting a little bit of exposure on our social media? Send us a picture and answer a couple of quick questions here.

The business filing extension if approaching!

In case you still need to file

Hey,  nobody’s perfect and I’m still working on some straggler taxes returns. If you still need to file your business taxes, the extension deadline is September 15th. The extension deadline for personal taxes is October 15th. Hit ‘reply’ to this email and let me know if you need any help – and if you’re waiting to hear from me, you will soon. :)

“Sorry folks, the park’s closed. The moose out front should’ve told you.” – Lasky

Alright, folks. I’m off to plan the last-minute details of our road trip. If you have super fun recommendations in Billings, places we should check out in Yosemite (Yo-Semite?) and Grand Teton, or suggestions for South Dakota, send them my way!

Sending good vibes out to you all!